"Dirt is like Karma it just keeps coming back!"


Clean all wall hangings
Clean all knickknacks
Remove books clean & dust bookshelves
Polish and clean wood furniture.
Vacuum under couch cushions
Wash and clean slip covers and pillows
Complete dusting
Remove cobwebs
Wet-wash baseboards, molding and door facings
Clean window sills
Clean light fixtures, bulbs
Clean outsides of cabinets in kitchen and bathrooms
Clean & dust ceiling fans
Clean vents 
Vacuum/sweep under beds and furniture (if accessible)
Vacuum all carpets and room corner, crevices
Clean mirrors and glass surfaces
Clean glass doors
Clean prints on windows/doors
Polish & clean wood furniture
Remove all garbage
Reline waste baskets

Mopping and cleaning into corners. .....and much more.


inside of Refrigerator/Freezer $30- $50

Inside of Oven - $30- $50

Dirt Girls 

This is a "Basic List" of our services but we pride ourselves on going above and beyond what is expected. We are very happy to customize our services to whatever your needs may be. Your word of mouth referral is our success!


Clean/sanitize sinks
Clean/sanitize tubs, shower, toilet. Includes mold and grout cleaning.
Clean mirrors
Clean & dust light fixtures and bulbs
Polish fixtures and wood.
Wash and replace towels and toilet paper.
Sweep & mop floor into corners and behind toilet
Removal of trash, clean waste basket and reline.


Clean all counter tops
Clean inside/outside microwave
Wipe down all cabinet facings, doors and moldings
Clean all appliances outside
Polish stainless steel appliances(Special surface cleaners must be provided)
Clean glass doors
Clean & dust ceiling fans
Clean/sanitize/polish sinks
Wash all floors. Includes sweeping, mopping and cleaning into corners.

Cobweb coralling
Clean and put away dirty dishes .....and much more.