Southern Key Lime Pie 



I believe in combining all the things you love to do in your life if at all possible. I have been making pies with my mother and grandmother since I was a little girl. Nothing but warm, good memories. In the spirit of my company I like to share these with my clients every once in awhile. I think its a wonderful day when you can come home to a clean home and a fresh baked pie! Does it get any better?

Small Home - $50- $65

Medium Home $70 - $85

Large Home - $90 - $125

Please contact me directly for commercial cleaning prices.

Priceing may be a little more or less depending on Rooms, Special Requests, Pets, Children and level of Chaos. We do not charge by the hour or make a list we charge by the home and cleaning circumstances. We literally start cleaning in one corner and clean everything we see until we are done. 

 Thin Sliced Apple Pie

Cross Hatched Cherry Pie

 Southern Lemon Meringue Pie  

Dirt Girls 

"Dirt is like Karma it just keeps coming back!"